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We sell those fuzzy little red buttons for your laptop!
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  $12.99 for 2 Trackcaps!


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 $24.99 for 6 Trackcaps!

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Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed here at an e-commerce website focused on selling replacement Trackpoint Caps for IBM Thinkpad, Dell, HP Compaq, Toshiba laptop computers and PSP.  Trackpoint Mouse Caps are those little buttons that fit on the end of your trackpointer on your laptop.  Our featured Trackcaps are brand new OEM caps which have the fuzzy, "Cat's Tongue" surface that helps keep your finger on the mouse.  For optimal use we recommend replacing your caps every 6-12 months.  Replace your worn, dirty or lost trackpoint cover today. 

All orders include FREE SHIPPING to the USA, Canada and the UK!

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D. Jackson / United Kingdom ~ " Just dropping you a quick e-mail to say thank you for your brilliant service when supplying the Dell track caps which I received this morning, you know it was cheaper to buy from you than DelI directly in this country how ridiculous is that?  I will be telling anyone that requires these where to come in the future, once again thanks so much."
J. Faver / California ~ "
I ordered mouse caps for my IBM Thinkpad and I'm very happy with the product. I had ordered from another on-line supplier and they canceled the order without telling me and were also higher priced. I could not find the series number on my laptop, so I E-mailed and they answered very quickly. The parts arrived in a very reasonable time from across the United States and there were no shipping charges. These mouse caps are difficult to find and I am very happy with and will order again, when the need arises."

R. Villata / California ~ " Thank you for the speedy service sending the trackcaps. You guys get a 5 star rating. The trackcaps fit perfect on my old IBM Thinkpad."

J. Bindi / Pennsylvania ~ " Thank you for your speedy service.  This is the second time I've purchased the Track Point mouse caps from you.  It's a pleasure doing business with you."

B. Chacko / California ~ " Thank you for the great customer service!!  Prompt shipping and friendly customer service...I will definitely do business again with"

C. Richards / Georgia ~ " I just got my trackcaps and couldn't be happier! After spending so much time looking for them it was such a pleasant surprise when they arrived so quickly after I ordered them from you. Good job y'all, you've made my life that much easier! "

J. de Geus / Pennsylvania ~ " Just a note to let you know that your site had exactly what I was looking for, and I even decided to try the Soft Rim Cap. I love it ! You had great turnaround time for the order, which was easy to place using PayPal. I'm a web systems guy, and I think you've got a great thing going here." 
E. Martin / Canada ~ " Just writing to let you know I received the TP caps the day before yesterday. Thanks. Now I know where to go if I ever need to get some more (if not for me, then maybe for other TP users I know of).  That said, I can't understand why some other sellers charge $5 to ship a couple of these things. Kudos to you for not gouging us Canadians on the S&H charges."

J. Fabrizio / Pennsylvania ~ " I ordered Monday and received my order Thursday.
Great service...easy to order...great delivers !!! "

D. Britton / Georgia ~ " My trackcaps arrived this morning. Thanks for the prompt service. I'll order from you next time I need replacements." 

C. Smith / Maine ~ " Thank you for your prompt service and for answering all my questions just to let you know I will be placing another order soon for more caps for a few of the folks in our IT department. A pleasure doing business with you." 

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Classic Dome: The Classic Dome "cat tongue" cap is for users who prefer the touch and feel of the cap traditionally associated with the TrackPoint.
You can now order just a single cap!
$6.99  Single "Classic Dome" Cap


Soft Rim: The large, concave design of the Soft Rim cap provides a completely different touch and feel and creates a mechanical advantage whereby less force is required for pointer motion.
Add Soft Rim Cap(s) to your Order!
$5.99  per Soft Rim Cap
* Limited to 10 per customer *

For use with all  IBM Thinkpads:  X, T, R, A & G series and  X22 (Replaces part numbers 84G6536 , 84G6537 or 39H1354), Mitsubishi, Gateway, HP Omnibook, TI, AST, Dell, Micron, older Toshiba Satellite & Portege, and newer Compaq models such as the Armada. The cap will also fit desktop keyboards that are equipped with a Trackpoint device, such as the IBM Trackpoint II or Trackpoint IV keyboard. Caps fit a square post. Inside the cap is a two-stepped square.  The outer square is 4 mm; the inner square is 3 mm.      

 IBM Caps will also fit:

* Compaq Evo 400n

Shipping and Handling via  USPS First Class mail is FREE for all orders of Trackpoint caps within the USA and Canada, add $1.75 by airmail to other countries. Other shipping methods (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority and Global Priority Mail) are available. ____________________________


IBM UltraBay Drive Screw

(IBM P/N 91P8567)

For use with your IBM UltraBay DVD, Floppy or CD-drive. It is used to secure the drive in the laptop, so it won't accidentally slide out during transportation/shipping.

Add IBM Screw(s) to your Order!
$ .99  per screw
* Limited to 10 per customer *



Don't know what cap or post size you have?

150mm Plastic Caliper - Only $6.99

Easy to read black graduations on gray finish. Impact resistant plastic.


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  $19.99 for 4 Trackcaps!


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 $29.99 for 8 Trackcaps!

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$149.99 for 50


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