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We sell those little buttons for your PSP!
Quantity 2
  $12.99 for 2 Trackcaps!

1 Purple / 1 Gray



PSP Accessories

    PSP Original Pack

x4 PSP Original Black Replacement Stick Caps


A set of 4 PSP original stock black Analog Stick Caps. This OEM set is just like the original cap(s) that came with your PSP. Do yourself a favor and order some of the PSP Mod caps above as well, hardcore gamers swear by them - > > > Read about it from other gamers here!



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  HP Compaq Caps * Dell Caps  * Toshiba Caps  * IBM Caps

PSP  (PlayStation Portable Mod) * OQO  (Handtop) 


                 Attention PSP Users! 

  Welcome to we sell "Cat's Tongue" surface trackcaps  that will fit snuggly onto your Sony PlayStation Portable - Analog Stick for the new and simple PSP modification which many PSP Gamers are saying gives them even greater feel and accuracy while gaming.   No special tools just...pull the old cap off...pop the new cap on...Done!         Read about it from other gamers here!

                   This is not an Official Sony or PSP product.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed here and shipping is always FREE on all trackcap orders.  These retail elsewhere for much higher prices and the big secret is most places if not all gouge their customers on shipping charges, one of our competitors actually charges $6.50+ just to ship 2 of these little buggers!  For optimal use we recommend replacing your caps every 6-12 months. Let become your source for all your replacement trackpoint cap needs.  Replace your worn, dirty or lost trackpoint cover today. 

All orders include FREE SHIPPING to the USA, Canada and the UK!


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These caps will work for the Sony PlayStation Portable MOD:  

* PSP: Sony PlayStation Portable

These caps fit snuggly onto the rectangular PSP post.


Shipping and Handling via  USPS First Class mail is FREE for all orders of Trackpoint caps within the USA and Canada, add $1.75 by airmail to other countries. Other shipping methods (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority and Global Priority Mail) are available.

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Quantity 4

$19.99 for 4 Trackcaps!

2 Purple / 2 Gray



PSP Accessories

x2 PSP Screen Protectors


 A set of 2 precision cut Sony PSP Screen Protectors. Protect your PSP screen from scratches, dust and fingerprints.
Easy to apply and reuse without leaving residue. Keep a "Brand New" look for your PSP display even after years of use. Non-adhesive cling - No air bubbles.





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